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We realised that the change from skeumorphic to flat design was to concentrate on content rather than 3D objects and views. Our experienced designing team works hard to provide a close-up view of the entire applications design so as to facilitate fluid creative process. To ensure this, they incorporate various modern designing toosl such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver etc.

Mobile App Architecture

Our Mobile development team aims at developing visually stunning, highly Responsive and intuitive mobile app interface. Mobile application architecture plays an integral role in User experience design and look & feel of the app.

Evaluation of Mobile app architectures depends on various parameters such as budget, life cycle, total cost of ownership (TCO) and customer perception towards the app usage.

iOS / Android Development

At Apptology, we have a large team for each Native app development who works to provide smart and cool applications at a very competitive rate. We follow the latest innovations prevailing in the development market and deliver a variety of applications in discrete business solution domains. We incorporate modern development tools and technologies for respective Android development

AWS Managed Services

We Managed AWS Services adds monitoring skills, proactive Infrastructure Management, industry best practice recommendations and best in class support to your AWS setup.

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How We Work

"Mobilizing App Development"

We follow Agile methodology for project development and managing various stages of project development. We begin with requirement elicitation and once scope of work get freeze, commence with wireframe designing and development of the proposed system utilizing Lucid Chart. Next step is the Designing task which can be accomplished using tools such Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw. We use Basecamp & Teamwork in our daily routine for project management which involves active client involvement.

We also use Webex and Skype to host all our meetings and use their collaborative tools to improve communication between our clients, project managers, design and development team. Final step will be Testing/QA Analysis that will utilize Mantis Bug tracker and several other bug tracking tools. Test cases and suites are created using Testlodge tool.

By breaking down the project into manageable units, the project team can focus on high-quality development, testing, and collaboration. Also, by producing frequent builds and conducting testing and reviews during each iteration, quality is improved by finding and fixing defects quickly and identifying expectation mismatches early.


"Check out our amazing mobile application instances"


From the popular website, comes the ultimate dream interpretation app to help you analyze the meaning of your dreams.

From the popular website, comes the ultimate dream interpretation app to help you analyze the meaning of your dreams.


Experience the true meaning of flavor and freshness at iOrderFresh mobile app. It's is a great way to save time and money. It's quick and convenient – and lots of customers say it really helps them stick to a budget and resist impulse purchases.

JAMA Network Challenge

The JAMA Network Challenge app is a peer-reviewed medical game that provides practice questions that helps physicians improve their diagnosis management skills and medical knowledge

HP - Enterprise printer

This Andriod App developed for HP is a tool that allows their resellers to quickly identify the right printer for their customers

Palm Springs

The Official Plam Springs Modern Committee Mobile App FEATURES:

Guided tours of 80+ mid-century landmarks in Palm Springs, California.

ntimate profiles of 12 leading architects.

Tour by location, architect, or create your own custom tour.

Video access to interiors and exteriors of premier properties.

7 years of experience of Converting Ideas to Reality

Flexible and iterative process

Huge reusable codebase

Only in-house developers

Multi-platform development

Most experienced app developers

Business Scope

User Experience

Integration with Backend Systems


Time to market

App reliability

Post-launch Support

We put our efforts in developing the most amazing apps that create both value and usability for our clients. We have developed over 200 native mobile apps since 6 years. Give us a call if you want to know more about a case study or our experience within a sector or with a specific type of apps. We would arrange a demo for you.

Core sectors of development

  • - Pharma & Healthcare
  • - Financial Services
  • - Telecom
  • - Media & Publishing
  • - Entertainment
  • - Weather
  • - Automobile & Transportation
  • - Food Delivery


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